Portfolio Entry 2: Website Review

There are many different types of childcare centres out there for parents to take their children. Some may be easier to get into then others but it is always important to look at the childcare centre thoroughly before deciding which is best for you and your child. One of the first ways to help you decide if a childcare is right for you is to look at the centres website. For this entry I chose to look at the Peek-a-boo Childcare centre. This centres website can be found at http://www.peekabookid.com/.

When I first went onto this site I thought that it looked very professional and both child and parent friendly. I noticed the bright coloured bubbles in the title and the easy to see and read content. This was very appealing to me because it drew my eyes to the centres name and then towards their flash portfolio ad which changes to show different pictures and statements about the centre. Some things the flash portfolio states is “Where learning and fun come together, fabulous activities, great teachers and fabulous friends, clean and well equipped centres”(Peekaboo, 2011). These slogans are continuously coming up on the website and catch the viewers attention. The next part of the website that I thought was well laid out was their horizontal navigation bar and the FAQ search bar. These really make it a lot simpler for parents to look through all the things this site and childcare has to offer as well as making it user friendly. Some of the hypertext used on the navigation bar were, Programs, Locations, Team, Why us?, FAQ and Waiting list. Through these hyperlinks I was able to easily navigate throughout the entire site.

I also found when I was looking at the website their mission statement was easy to find. It stated, “As an established child care facility we are able to offer you and your child the best the day care industry has to offer. Careful research and planning has gone into every detail to ensure that your child gets the most out of their time with us” (Peekaboo, 2011). I found it very easy to locate the centres mission statement and I noticed it was actually under several of the navigation menus as I searched the site. While looking through all the hyperlinks in the navigation bar I came across the centres various locations and within those locations the centres supervisor and contact info.  Peek-a-boo has many locations and the website provides a search engine which is run through Google maps for parents to search for the nearest Peek-a-boo locations to either their house or place of work. I find this to be a great tool to have on their website, its fast and easy for parents to do.

Overall I feel that the best quality of this website is its professional look and use of multi-media. It is very organized and easy to navigate throughout the site and its information. I also feel that it is easily understood by parents even with medium to low understanding of the computer. The websites use of the program details on each of the different age groups was well done and very useful when looking to see if the centre is going to have everything a child needs to learn and grow while keeping their interests in mind. The only recommendations I would have for this site is to provide more pictures as to what the centre looks like inside and outdoors for parents to get a feel for the environment set up for themselves and their children. Also to make some of their writing bolder. It is sometimes hard to read the writing which is done is a grey colour. I think it would help the site if it was slightly darker to a more black colour. Thank you for reading my post, I hope you are now more knowledgeable on what to look at when searching childcare centre websites in order to find the best childcare for your family and friends.


Peekaboo (2011) Peekaboo childcare centre. Retieved November 27, 2011 from http://peekabookid.com/


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